Go ahead, take a breath....because relief is on the way. You've been feeling some pretty complex emotions as of late, but friend, you have taken the first step that needed to be taken to feel better. You're researching a therapist. You are one step closer to being unstuck. You are removing one more barricade that stands between you and the life you want to attain or reclaim. Kudos to you and your bravery! You're made's all starting. Change is coming.

What can I expect?

Welcome to Jordan Therapy Services. As a highly trained licensed therapist, I thoroughly enjoy helping people like you get to moments of clarity, about themselves and their world, that allow them to feel more at ease, and get this - actually enjoy life! Imagine completing your session, feeling "lighter" and better equipped to take on life in a way that yields more success and happiness. One way this is accomplished is by using humor in session, where appropriate - yes, you heard me correctly - therapy can be...dare I say - Fun?!

While therapy is a process that you can expect to take some time, my goal is to help equip you with the tools and coping strategies that are uniquely effective for you, so you don't have to attend intensive, frequent therapy sessions for life (if you don't want to). Now, some of my clients do opt in to longer term therapy after finding the benefit of having a consistent space and facilitator for processing life's events, big and small, on an ongoing basis. Others prefer to attend sessions for a briefer time frame to resolve short term issues and/or crises. I'm here for both and there is no "right" answer when looking at short or long term therapy, it's all individually based. See, that's just one of the wonderful things about therapy, it's all about you and your needs. We talk, we collaborate on what is the best course of treatment, and we proceed - working toward the goal of improved functioning and increased life satisfaction.

What should I do next?

Take some time to browse through this site (there's a lot of free content and resources to capitalize on!) and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Therapy is an investment in yourself and it's important to have a good therapeutic fit. We ALL need and deserve extra support at one time or another, but you have to be willing to seek it out and then accept it! I am selective in who I choose to work with because therapy is best suited to people who are willing to work toward the changes they want to see in their lives. Therapy is a commitment, and dedication and respect for the process are required. But never fear, you'll have me - a highly specialized, board certified, skilled therapist - to guide you through what may seem insurmountable at this moment.

Free Consultation...

I offer a free, 15-minute phone consultation, so please feel free to take advantage of this offering and give me a call so we can chat and find out if we would be a good therapeutic fit.

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